Do You Make These Mistakes, When Disciplining Your Child?

Parenting is never easy. Everyone who has kids can tell you that. Children's world is care free without any boundaries. So telling them, that they cannot do something usually ends up in you shouting or forcing them to listen to you.
There are some common mistakes we make as parents when trying to discipline our children. The following points will discuss this in further detail.
  • Consequences - How many times do you say to your child, "If you don't stop doing this, I will do that? You will probably end up saying the same thing over and over, and your child will ignore you. Kids are smarter than we think, they know when you are just bluffing. Instead tell your child once, if you don't stop I will give you a time out. Then take action straight away. Your child will realize you mean business and think twice before not listening to you next time.
  • Don't Back Down - If you want to discipline your child, then giving in to their every demand is literally suicidal. From a very young age, kids learn to get what they want. Of course as a parent you want to be reasonable, but that does not mean giving in to everything they demand. I used to make the mistake of buying toys nearly every time my son and I went shopping. So as you can imagine it was difficult for my son to accept going out without buying toys. Eventually, I got him to understand that he already has enough toys and he should look after what he has.
  • Speak With The Same Voice - Is your husband or wife a total pushover? Can your kids get anything they want because your partner is a big softy? I have spoken to parents who have a hard time disciplining their kids because their partner always gives in. Both parent need to understand that a child is usually looking for ways to get what they want, and if they know one of you is an easy target, they will play up every time. As parents you are undermining one another and causing more problems for yourself in future.
  • Bribe Too Often - If you find yourself bribing your little one to behave in a certain way too often, that's not good. Instead try to get your child to learn what they are doing is wrong, give examples of other children behaving well, and try to make them understand that nobody will like them for doing bad. By doing this, you are helping your child develop their conscience.