The Divide Between MBA Business Consultants and Us Real Entrepreneurs Debated

Look, just between you and I, sometimes I am irked by MBA kids right out of school who instantly become consultants and assume they know everything about business - marketing, customer service, management, finance, employee motivation, and well, basically WINNING in the free-market. You see, I am a real entrepreneur, and yes, I chose to leave school to run my company, I had no choice, I was losing money sitting in class - it made absolutely no sense to me.
After I retired before my 40th Birthday, I thought back on the decisions and choices I'd made, some was lucky timing, but mostly it was taking advantage of opportunities as they appeared. In any case, a consulting acquaintance of mind feels the opposite way on things and he is actively engaged in consulting these days. As he goes, I admit he is gaining lots of business experience. In defense of business schools he states;
"Business schools and leaders across the world owe a huge portion of their influence and their growth to him."
Yes, I understand all that, but, I couldn't let this guy off the hook, so I hit him with a little entrepreneurial "in-your-face" attitude and stated; "Do you have any clue how silly that sounds to an entrepreneur? Business Schools? Ha ha ha. Okay, if that's your thing? But entrepreneurs can hire the business graduates to set things up."
You see, an MBA doesn't make someone an innovator, thinker, or great leader, in fact, all those years of brain washing can take a heavy toll on the creative mind. Most of these kids they graduate couldn't market their way out of a paper bag and some of the business decisions they make, unbelievable how anyone could do something that stupid, I mean totally clueless stuff.
These business plans these kids come up with suck, their strategies are flawed, they can't compete in the real world, and then they have to pay off all those student loans because these business professors command such high salaries and charge $250 for a Text-Book because they have a Monopoly - Guess What? Any business can make money if it has a monopoly - that doesn't make their leaders great entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, or brilliant in business.
It only proves Adam Smith was right about the problems in Capitalism with incestuous relationships with government and business. But the King and the East India Tea Company showed us that, not any surprise there. My MBA acquaintance also holds Peter Drucker in the highest esteem, but I told him; Drucker's methods of setting up a business bureaucracy that actually works and can be duplicated as a system of management is okay, but most of the modern corporations today are fairly wasteful, inefficient, and rely on barriers to entry and government defensive lines to block so they can get down the field.
And still, there is the human element, look at how so many corporate boards hi-jack public companies, over pay themselves when their performance sucks. Much of all that also has to do with Drucker, and Warren's "buffet of essays" essentially shows the counter arguments for the mistakes made in corporations. I think Collins "Built to Last" - "From Good to Great" is relevant too, but I see flaws in all of this stuff really. Yes, mostly good granted but, lots of little mistakes, or less-than-BMPs as applied to the real world, nothing that I'd want to write home about.
Care to debate with me on this? I mean care to have a dialogue with a real entrepreneur? Surely, you can handle it right? Fine you are welcome to shoot me an email. Let's talk. Please consider all this.